Benefits for human health


Research carried out as part of an EU Project on a group of 65 persons actively engaged in sports by Poznań University of Physical Education and Agrapak Sp. z o.o. has demonstrated that:                                          

  • Administration of a bovine colostrum supplement in an amount of 3.2 g per day during 6 months brought about positive changes in body composition (reduction of fat tissue and increase of muscle mass).
  • Intake of the colostrum suplement has contribiuted to reduced level of proinflammatory cytokines (IL-6 and TNFα) and increased level of IgG.  This confirms that the suplement has a beneficial effect on the immune system, which allows it to be recommended for athletes subjected to significant physical effort.
  • Moreover it has also been demonstrated that the supplement has a beneficial effect on the exercise capacity of the body: it helps increase the duration of the physical effort until the so called “refusal of further exercise”. The obtained results indicate that colostrum supplementation has a positive effect on the body.
  • The effect of bovine colostrum supplementation on the IGF 1 level has not been demonstrated in research, which shows that the applied dose (3.2 g) of this supplement can be used by professional athletes.

Download report (1) „The impact of colostrum supplementation on selected pro-oxidative balance parameters, inflammation and iron management in female basketball players.”

Download report (2) – „The final research report on: The impact of colostrum supplementation on selected inflammation parameters and iron management in football players ”

Download report (3) – „Neuroprotective effect of bovine colostrum”



The use of colostrum in skin diseases is related on the one hand to the effective regulation and improvement of the course of the inflammatory reaction by LFR, LPR, PRP, LIZ, which leads to the minimization of tissue damage caused by inflammation, and on the other hand, to the supply of a whole range of active colostrum factors that have anabolic effects – hormones, enzymes, polyamides, nucleic acids, glycoproteins, amino acids.

There are two important factors  in colostrum composition that are responsible for the process of reconstruction, improvement and regeneration of tissues, including skin. One of them is EGF (epidermal growth factor) and VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor). When supplemented directly on damaged skin, it alllows new capillaries to grow and cover it with epidermis.

The second essential element is anhydrous fat (ACF) with a whole range of unique fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E, K, coenzyme Q10 and many other ingredients.

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