Colostrum Supplements

Our Colostrum powder is made from liquid colostrum with no additives, in keeping with top quality standards.

The raw material - liquid colostrum is procured from Polish certified dairy farms, which are under regular veterinary supervision. Our business portfolio includes procurement, production, processing and distribution of colostrum all around the world.

We produce Colostrum powder to be used as a diet suplement for humans or animals. We produce Colostrum using raw material supplied by the best certified Polish cattle breeders, who feed cows quality grass with all the necessary vitamins as well as micro and macro elements. The cows are house biologically controlled grass pastures from spring to autumn.

We guarantee high quality, promoting fair and sustainable use of precious natural resources. We use first and second milking colostrum. Owing to the innovative production method, our product retains maximum bioactivity.



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